It’s been a blast and I have enjoyed my last 226 posts, but I am upgrading.  My new “home” will allow me to have fun layouts, cool side bars, plus lots of extras.  I hope my WordPress subscribers will sign up to get an email when I post from the new “house“… It’s super easy all you have to do is enter your email under subscribe to my blog.  Friends and family stop by for a visit….




Early in the fall I went to a garage sale, Em told me had owl things for a quarter!  I bought this cute big eyed owl.


When my parents came over for my birthday, they brought some second hand owls for me.  In the bunch were these two big eyed babies….


I remember saying, those look so familiar… hmmm

Well tonight as I was looking for something in my room, I looked at my book shelf with the one big eyed owl, and it clicked {you know a light bulb moment}… That’s the Momma!  I brought her into the kitchen where the big eyed babies were…. A family REUNITED!


My Happy Neck….


Look what my mom made me… I saw this necklace on line and asked if she could make it… I can’t knit to save me life…


It buttons off to the side near the front.

She calls this her demo necklace, to see if I liked it {are you kidding me}??  I am off to buy cotton yarn for more… I am so glad I have a crafty mom!

Easy as PIE?


Cheat and buy pie crust, homemade is better… but if you are going for quick… buy it


Spread LOTS of butter on the dough, use CUTE acorn cookie cutters, cut and place on a cookie sheet.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.


YUM, bubbly, warm, buttery, cinnamon/sugar sweet pie crust… Which by the way is the best part of the pie, my favorite is apple pie with crumb top, I eat the crust and crumb top only… 

Just keepin’ it REAL….







5 BUSY boys + 1 BUSY daddy + 1 OVERWELMED mommy = 2 much MESS….

Christmas Already?

Actually Christmas items have been in the stores for a while now, today I went shopping with my favorite little Taterbug and we looked at fun decorations.


Look at that big honkin’ acorn {I didn’t buy it}


How about the hootie owl… cute

All these Christmas goodies made me want to come home and make a Christmas craft…


Here is what I came up with, the coloring is off in the picture, but the base is white, sanded, red Merry Christmas, and tea stained.

Sew Awesome…




Look at the detail….

This my friends is my Goodwill treasure…. Thank you Dad, Mom, and Roxanne!  I saw this a few weeks ago, but it was $45.00 and to me that was too high for Goodwill {although I know in an antique store it would have been way more}… So yesterday my hubby and I went in and I was looking at books, he wandered off and came over to me and said, “I found something I think you would like, it’s an old sewing machine”… I informed him I had seen a week ago but the price was too high for me, he went back over and said, “It’s $25.00″…. WHAT, wait… I went over and sure enough the $45.00 was crossed out and it was marked down to $25.00, but wait I never leave home without my $5.00 off coupon….. So this beauty cost me 20 BUCKS!!

NOW…. for my next 20 dollar purchase….

From Marshall’s


A GIANT acorn…. I know some of you will think I am crazy, but it was marked down from $55.00… Here is an idea at the HUGENESS of my acorn…


That is my Pepsi can from lunch…. 😉