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Without realizing it, I started a collection… I just think Hooty Hoots are too CUTE…. I am referring to my owls….

It started with this… My owl necklace from Emilie last November

Found these colorful bookends a GW in February

More GW bookends

Cute owl trivet that was rusty.. nothing a little spray paint didn’t cure… I think I had one just like this growing up?

Another Em gift just last week… 

and the Hoot to love all Hoots….

Dolce or as like to call her WhooooD, yep she is going to be an owl for Halloween!


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Before you say the before is way cuter, let me say… This little girl was a HOT dog… with the temperatures rising, she was miserable… and she had little knots under that fluff… So she got her first haircut today… I told the groomer… “shear her like a sheep” Soooo….

See still cute… and she feels like velvet!

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So here is a bouquet of roses…Photobucket But once again they are made of coffee filters! 

Here is the link to the directions and pattern for these roses, be sure and watch the video, otherwise it will be difficult. 

Oh this has been so much fun and the more you do the faster and better you become!  In fact, I had this vase on my kitchen table and had some friends over, One of them asked where did you find roses this time of year?  My reply, “the kitchen cupboard” ??  I then explained what they were made of!PhotobucketI even added some brown to my paint to give that light sunburned effect.  Ok, enough about these beauties.

Here are a few more entries in the Dolce Diaries…

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2008                       

Today I got to play with my friends Nate and Andy; Nate just can’t get enough of me…  My mom thinks I am funny because when given a treat I pretend I am “burying” it…  I go through this long process of using my nose to toss invisible dirt over the top of my treat.  (Mind you I am sitting on top of my soft pink pillow) This takes me a very long time.  Then when it is “buried” just right, I stare at my work….  I patiently wait, until I just can’t stand it anymore, I “uncover” it, and gobble it up!   

Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008                       

This morning I went back to the vet to start my puppy shots.  My mom walked me over in my baby sling, and I was so excited to see Nama and all her work friends.  They called my name and I went in the room, where I was rudely poked with a needle….  Can you imagine, here I am sweet as can be and they poke me!  I let out a good cry; they apologized and told me it was to keep me safe and healthy.  Umph….  Let’s just see how happy to see everyone I am the next time I have to go back.  I heard Nama tell my mom my next appointment is on Valentine’s Day.  When we got home my mom and dad went to Target and bought me a GIANT pink “diamond ring” it’s a chewy for my puppy teeth and I LOVE it!  

Friday, Jan 25, 2008                       

Today I spent the day playing and sleeping.  My family says I snore… I don’t believe them.  My mom was busy cleaning house for a Mary Kay party…  I got to come out and meet the ladies and I wet on my mom, because I was so excited to see all these people, who were making cutie noises at me.    

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008                        

So my parents have been trying to figure out just where to put my “playpen” and after moving it all around its back in its original spot, smack dab in the middle of the gameroom.  I like it there best anyway.  Now they have this grandiose idea they are going to liter box train me, did you know they sell a dog liter pan (it’s larger than a cats) and dog liter… the liter is compressed paper made into long pellets.  Well, I like this concept and the liter too.  My mom put me in and I started eating the pellets!  She emptied it although it won’t hurt me and put my puppy in there, and I have used my “box” about 4 times! 

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Dolce Diaries

 I decided along with my regular posts I would include The Dolce Diaries, this is just a daily diary in the life of Dolce… Enjoy~  

Dolce Diaries 

 Friday, Jan. 18, 2008                             

I first met my mom and Tanner at the Animal Hospital, where Mrs. Landreth brought me for a puppy check, lucky for me my Nama works there and knew my family was looking for a puppy just like me!  I checked out perfectly healthy at 6 lbs. 4 oz. and Mrs. Landreth took me back to her house, so my mom could go get puppy supplies.  I got a crate, blanket, pillow, toy octopus, a food and water dish, and puppy pads of course.  My mom came and got me with Chris at 3:00 and I loved Chris immediately, I gave him a hug and tried to lick his face off.  I got to ride home on his lap with a pink handmade quilt Mrs. Landreth gave me.  When we got to my house my mom insisted on bathing me.  I gotta tell ya, I loved that.  I can’t wait to bathe again.  I only had one accident, but other than that I used my puppy pads.  Don’t tell them, but I think I have this family wrapped around my little paw! 

Saturday, Jan. 19, 2008                             

I had a great first night; my mom says I never once made a peep!  I slept in my crate from 11:00pm to 7:45am.  My mom went with Nama to Petropolis and bought me a red velvet collar with a “diamond” heart, a pink shirt that says “Amore”, a Christmas dress (it was on clearance) and two pink bows!  Oh I love to wear my bows.  Then our friends Emilie, Tatum, and Luke came over with more presents, they bought me a Valentine bone, and Tatum gave my mom a little white stuffed dog, she even has a red collar (it looks just like me)!  I have done really well using my puppy pads, I am impressing my family.  They think I am wonderful! 

Sunday, Jan. 20, 2008                             

 I am such a sweet girl (at least that is what they keep telling me)… my mom follows me around with the camera.  When she downloads the pictures to the computer, I bark at myself.  My Nama came over this afternoon with a bag full of presents!  She bought me a black and white toile (my mom just loves toile) sling (they say it’s for “real” babies) but I say it was made for me!  Now I can ride along when my mom cleans.  Nama also bought me a feather boa collar with a bone charm, a pink fleece blanket, a stuffed giraffe, and peanut butter puppy cookies.  Am I loved or what? 

Monday, Jan 21, 2008                             

Today was fantastic!  I didn’t have any accidents and my dad was off!  I played with my toys and got to watch my dad rebuild the backyard fence.  I liked barking at his saw.  I learned that I am not scared of the vacuum, I LOVE it, I chase it and “talk” to it.  My mom says, that is good ‘cuz she LOVES to vacuum.

 Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2008                             

 Today hasn’t been such a great day… (at least that’s what my mom says) Don’t get me wrong I am super happy and don’t seem phased at all.  Let’s just say in my defense, I have used the puppy pads, but I have used the tile most, and the carpet a couple times.  Oops…  This evening has been the best…  I got to have Tanner’s bath water, when he got out!  I tried to get in during his bath (I almost made it too) my mom ended up caving and drained the water down and I got in!  I’m not sure if bathing or drying is my favorite.  I do so love both.  My mom says I am so pretty and Chris loves the smell of my new cherry blossom shampoo.  It was the perfect way to end my pee pee day.

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