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Today we celebrate 18 AMAZING years of marriage! 

Happy Anniversary Spike!



We also celebrate this little cutie who decided to come almost three weeks early and be born on our 12th anniversary… I can’t think of a better anniversary gift than a baby… Happy 6th Birthday Tanner!


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So I am beginning to think my November nights will be spent at Kaiser… Remember last year ?  Although I must say this time it wasn’t as scary, but none the less I was there after dark.  Our son, Johnny played football during PE yesterday at school.  Was collided into by about 4 others from both sides, hurt his wrist on the left hand, his thumb on the right hand, was bleeding from a tooth, his teacher told him to go to the bathroom and rinse his mouth out, on the way… he lost his vision, everything went white and blurry, he had ringing in his ears and fell onto the near by wall… When he regained his wits, he did as he was told, then went to 6th period…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  It wasn’t until he got home from school an hour later that I was informed of all of this!  Needless to say I am NOT happy at how lightly this was taken.   I called the advice nurse, and by 5:30 we were headed to after hour care….




“wrapping room”

Thankfully nothing is broken, just badly sprained… We also had to keep him awake for 8 hours because of a minor concussion.  Of course I think he has the same thing his dad has, and the pain caused the fainting??  Go figure…


On the way home….

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Heart Art

Remember back when I listed my randomness… I mentioned my hubby would fax these great pictures over for our sons to receive when he was at work… Here is some of the fax lovin’ we got….

Just so you know we called our oldest Fo Fo or Fo Fo Juice, and our second son is PollyWog or Beans

These treasures are about 11 1/2 years old…. I LOVE everyone of them!

Speaking of treasures…

My mom would get up early in the morning and sit at the bar-stools and doodle on my plain lunch bags.  I loved those lunch bags, so much so that I would carefully fold them, tuck them safely away in my pocket and bring them home.  I have kept them all these years {let’s just say they are over 20 years old}… still gives me warm fuzzies!


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Happy Birthday Daddy…

We LOVE you!

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Uncle Sonny

Meet Uncle Sonny and Aunt Kathy… They are the most generous loving people you will ever meet.  They have a great need however, it’s their turn to be on the receiving end.  Uncle Sonny is going in for emergency surgery on July 25 to have 3 disks replaced in his spine along with a whole bunch of other risks and complications.  This will leave him at best not being able to fully move his neck, at worst paralyzed.  He works for the state and state employees don’t have the option of paying into state disability.  The doctors have already informed him, he will never work again.  Please pray for his healing, the surgery, their finances, aunt Kathy’s health, their three children, five grandchildren, and the mental, physical, and financial strain this is putting on them.  I am also praying the Lord would provide us with an opportunity to bless them with funds.  Any fund raising ideas would be greatly appreciated, we are going to try and do a garage sale with “treasures” others in the area no longer need or want.

Update: They have moved his surgery to July 30th.

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Grandma Shirley



On Wednesday my young, healthy, loving, Grandma Shirley fell while watering her yard.  She broke her knee cap in two.  Today, Sunday she is having surgery to put it back together.  Please pray for a quick recovery.  She has been staying with my mom and dad, and we have been able to wait on her, cook for her, and pamper her… What a pleasure.  She is a wonderful woman, who NEVER complains, and always has a smile…  We love Grandma Shirley… Happy Healing!

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Happy Father’s Day

Dad, just wanted to wish you a happy day!  You are an amazing, loving, kind-hearted, compassionate dad.  I love you very much!

Spike, I am so thankful the Lord created you as my perfect mate and the “Daddy” for our children!  You are a wonderful man, our sons are truly blessed to have you as their earthly father.  I love you with ALL my heart! 

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