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An Award {or 3} for Me???

I was first given this award early in the week by Em, then Sherri and last night Jackie posted the Brillante Weblog award to me…

Here are the rules:

1) Display blog and the link to who gave it.

2) Nominate at least 7 blogs.

3) Add links to these 7 blogs.

4) Leave the nominees a message that they received the award.

I would like to pass this award on to:

Mt. Hope Chronicles I get the greatest ideas from Heidi {thank you very much}

My Lily Eden She makes the cutest crafts and sells them in her esty shop {check it out}

Raising Allikaye  she has a little cutie, and she even hosts a cooking blog too!

Then there is Bienvenue GREAT home decor ideas {psssst I think she has already received this award}

My happy Little Life her blog cracks me up, she is very real…

Joy’s Hope always full of happy colorful ideas….

and Make and Take talk about fun ideas…

* Update* Honorable mention…. BECKY the dear sweet friend who introduced me, link and all to the world of blogging is another funny read… She has a very comical out look on things… Luv Ya B

There you go I hope you enjoy visiting all these wonderful blogs, they are on my daily visits.




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We managed to have a HUGE garage sale for Spike’s uncle which was able to bring in a nice contribution for them.  I have been back to school shopping for all of the boys, going to kindergarten orientation and junior high orientation, this was all last week… and this week…

I have been BUSY filling out THICK back to school packets with emergency cards, and all of those other repetitive papers that come home the first day of school {which was yesterday for us}… One is time consuming enough but I got to do it times 4!  Sheeeez…  This week I will be getting my school routine down, but I can already feel that craft itch coming… I did sneak in a quick Goodwill trip yesterday and only bought one thing…

I am sure this little beauty took someone hours to create, but I am going to disassemble it {maybe keep the little bird}? and give it a make over… stay tuned….

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Happy Birthday Daddy…

We LOVE you!

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Goodwill Green

Look at the “green” I got at Goodwill

The vans are my oldest sons size and he is SUPER into green right now…

The dishes I just couldn’t pass up, all my purchases came to…


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Cutest Cupcake

Cupcake, cupcake where have you been? 

I’ve been folded in the form of your napkin under your chin.

How happy and sweet, if only you could see my grin!

My secret sister {the best one EVER} sent me this little cutie in the mail today!  I was SUPER excited when I opened it… Thank you so very much, you know me so well!  This was a really sweet treat… Now I need find out where you found this treasure so I can get more!

Just look at those polka dots…. Ahhh I am in LOVE!

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I just listed some favorites in my shop.

and of course NESTs…

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Uncle Sonny

Meet Uncle Sonny and Aunt Kathy… They are the most generous loving people you will ever meet.  They have a great need however, it’s their turn to be on the receiving end.  Uncle Sonny is going in for emergency surgery on July 25 to have 3 disks replaced in his spine along with a whole bunch of other risks and complications.  This will leave him at best not being able to fully move his neck, at worst paralyzed.  He works for the state and state employees don’t have the option of paying into state disability.  The doctors have already informed him, he will never work again.  Please pray for his healing, the surgery, their finances, aunt Kathy’s health, their three children, five grandchildren, and the mental, physical, and financial strain this is putting on them.  I am also praying the Lord would provide us with an opportunity to bless them with funds.  Any fund raising ideas would be greatly appreciated, we are going to try and do a garage sale with “treasures” others in the area no longer need or want.

Update: They have moved his surgery to July 30th.

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