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Without realizing it, I started a collection… I just think Hooty Hoots are too CUTE…. I am referring to my owls….

It started with this… My owl necklace from Emilie last November

Found these colorful bookends a GW in February

More GW bookends

Cute owl trivet that was rusty.. nothing a little spray paint didn’t cure… I think I had one just like this growing up?

Another Em gift just last week… 

and the Hoot to love all Hoots….

Dolce or as like to call her WhooooD, yep she is going to be an owl for Halloween!


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I won….

Joy’s Hope  give away…. and the mail man brought it today…. {perfect timing} The Lord knew I could use a little extra FAITH….  Thanks Julie, it is absolutely beautiful, I LOVE the happy colors!

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My Mantel

One of my favorite blog spots to visit is Kari & Kijsa, they are hosting  Mantel 101… I thought I’d join in the fun… Here is my mantel, but it will be changing very soon… I am going to get out ALL of my Americana Decor…


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This morning my son had an orthodontist appointment, when I came home, not one but TWO packages were waiting for me!  I LOVE fun mail!  I joined an apron swap months ago and the mail off deadline was June 10… So today I got my apron, I will let you in on a couple little secrets.  1. I was secretly hoping I would get a full apron, after all when I cook, it’s my shirts that get splattered on and I love a full apron, but how could I wish that when the actual apron I made was a half apron. 2. I was nervous about what fabric mine would be made from, the theme was summer, and you could request that a certain color not be used, but that was it… {I didn’t because I like all colors} but in the back of my mind I was hoping I actually liked the fabric choice… GUESS WHAT… I have eyeballed this EXACT fabric every time I see it at WalMart… I love the two colors together and polka dots how can you go wrong… So without further ado…

Just look at this, that ruffle and huge bow, I may never take it off, not to mention EVERY single edge is finished off beautifully, Shanna can sew!  It looks better that any store apron I have ever purchased!  Thank you Shanna!

Now for FUN mail part two {the second package} I ordered these AWESOME tags off esty, from Lemon Tree Studios Of course they are going right on my tag gate! Oh HAPPY day! 

Doesn’t it make you want to eat Tanner’s favorite snack “fishy crackers”?

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Scripture Cards

My sister in law stopped by this morning with scripture cards she made for me.  I saw them on her blog and left a shameless comment that her sister in law {me} sure would like some of those!  She made some for my nephew too, he struggles with fear and being alone, so she made his about fear.  Mine are custom made for me, she asked about the theme I wanted and I had some specific verses that I LOVE.

Thank you Roxanne!

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So today I traveled to Emilie’s house!

Thank You Emilie for sharing your home!


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Beloved Becky


Never doubt your purpose in life,
God created you to bring forth light.
You have blessed the lives of many,
Your heart and compassion, unlike that of any.
Quick and responsive with wisdom from above,
Always surrounded with His Holy love.
Being the vessel He chose to use,
With strength and obedience you didn’t refuse.
You’re stronger than you know,
With the Lord in control you continue to grow.
He created you with purpose and reason
And will remain by your side through every season.
                                                             Jenny Gilley

I will give you the short version of the story… Basically Becky, my sister has been through one challenging year to say the very least.  Life has took some pretty difficult turns for her, I know at times she has doubted her strength, and oddly the Lord has chosen not once but TWICE to use her to save the lives of “His children”… I still don’t think she grasps, how even though she feels weak through HIM she is STRONG.  After her heroic CPR efforts yesterday, I was impressed by the Lord with this poem for her.

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