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Today we celebrate 18 AMAZING years of marriage! 

Happy Anniversary Spike!



We also celebrate this little cutie who decided to come almost three weeks early and be born on our 12th anniversary… I can’t think of a better anniversary gift than a baby… Happy 6th Birthday Tanner!


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So I am beginning to think my November nights will be spent at Kaiser… Remember last year ?  Although I must say this time it wasn’t as scary, but none the less I was there after dark.  Our son, Johnny played football during PE yesterday at school.  Was collided into by about 4 others from both sides, hurt his wrist on the left hand, his thumb on the right hand, was bleeding from a tooth, his teacher told him to go to the bathroom and rinse his mouth out, on the way… he lost his vision, everything went white and blurry, he had ringing in his ears and fell onto the near by wall… When he regained his wits, he did as he was told, then went to 6th period…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  It wasn’t until he got home from school an hour later that I was informed of all of this!  Needless to say I am NOT happy at how lightly this was taken.   I called the advice nurse, and by 5:30 we were headed to after hour care….




“wrapping room”

Thankfully nothing is broken, just badly sprained… We also had to keep him awake for 8 hours because of a minor concussion.  Of course I think he has the same thing his dad has, and the pain caused the fainting??  Go figure…


On the way home….

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Singing in the Rain….

Saturday night was the fall formal, it was a cloudy rainy day {perfect}!  My son is just like his mom….

LOVES the rain!

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Pumpkin Patch

Today was a FUN day at the Pumpkin Patch… 

This little charmer chose the first pumpkin for me! 

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Beyond Frustated


Let me start by saying this picture has nothing to do with this post other than it shows FRUSTRATION….

  • Woke up to dirt chunks all over my house where ever my 15 year old walked this morning before school, there was hunks of dirt.
  • Dishes piling so high you couldn’t see my faucet, they weren’t there when I went to bed.
  • Laundry piles left from yesterday the boys hadn’t put away.

So I decide as soon as I am done working in the kindergarten class, I would come straight home and clean.  I did just that came home started the dishwasher, hand washed the rest, cleared my counter tops of week of clutter, put that glass surface stove top wax stuff on the stove, wiped down the refrigerator, dusted the family room…..  Then I VACUUMED, oh how I love to vacuum, I was super happy, enjoying myself… I mopped the kitchen and entry, the house smelled of Pinesol and looked beautiful….

  • Then I notice the older boys didn’t make their bed, that’s a deal breaker in this house, if you don’t make your bed you don’t get dessert or snacks in the evening {hey it works for the most part}… I then look over at a certain 15 year olds bed and let’s say the quilt was pulled up in an attempt to “make the bed”, but it actually made me madder at his sloppiness, and the fact that he would even think I would except it.
  • I then get a phone call from that same 15 year olds biology teacher informing me that he has to stay after for detention in her class…. Apparently the little dear didn’t do his homework and so he was required to stay after and finish in her class for 1/2 the credit….  He did do math homework yesterday, but never mentioned a word about biology….

So when the kids all arrive home from school I get everyone started on homework, and head out to church to continue on with the never ending hallway murals….  I try to call my hubby for a good ol’ pep talk {he is so good at those and calming my spirit when I am feeling rage}… He didn’t answer…. Oh well deal with it right….

  • get to the church don’t even have my paint brushed dipped in paint and my cell phone rings… “Mom, can I go over to Nate’s?  He really wants me too” my reply, “No I am painting and today won’t work” his reply, “but can’t you just come home and take me” “NO, I said NOT TODAY”  {sheeeeez}
  • I call home to make sure the certain said, 15 year is still doing homework {he was} for my 13 year old to tell me “Mom, the 5 year old and 9 year old have been terrible, they have been shooting peanuts out of Slurpee straws across the house, they knocked down a dining room chair, and a whole bunch of your decorations fell from the top of your hutch”  “WHAT”… those that know my boys, won’t believe this, even I don’t, this is not their typical “boy” behavior… they are NOT rowdy kids???

So as I am driving home feeling even more frustrated than when I left…. I am envisioning ALL the work I did this morning destroyed… and I decide then and there that as soon as they eat dinner the two little ones are going STRAIGHT to bed {punishment}….

Dinner is over at 6:15 {it is already dark out} I tell them to brush their teeth, put pajamas on and get in bed, and if I heard one peep out of there room BIG trouble…. To which the 9 year old says, “what if a cats makes a noise”???  UGHHHHHHHHHH I want to scream….

  • Still up at 6:40, taking their sweet time, the 9 year old says… “We need a shower or bath, we played outside” my reply, “too bad” He then starts crying saying “but I am itchy” me: “TOO BAD”  the sobs come even harder.
  • He then starts making throw up noises as he is getting himself so worked up he is about the spew his Taco Bell {I cheated on dinner}…. HE DIDN’T {thank goodness}

I tell him he has exactly one minute to get in bed and STOP his CRYING…

I am so glad it’s 7:09 pm and no sound is coming from their room, and that same 15 year old is still sitting here at the table doing his homework {since 2:30} he did stop long enough to eat Taco Bell….

I am glad this day is done….

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I made these last year for my sons preschool class, it was a huge considering all if the candy that gets past out, the mothers were all grateful!


Black cardstock

Halloween patterned scrapbook paper

Halloween rubber stamp {plus black ink}

Ribbon I used orange and black

Halloween Cookie Cutters

* You can also adapt this for Christmas, Easter, birthday favors….

Here is the recipe you will need to print {mine reads}

Happy Halloween

{Make this fun play dough recipe with your mom or dad}

Play Dough

1 cup boiling water

2 TBSP cooking oil

1/2 cup salt

1 cup flour

1 pkg Kool Aid mix

Stir water, oil, and salt until dissolved.

Stir in flour and Kool Aid mix until  cool enough

to knead to desired consistency.  Put in container.

Store in fridge.  Cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

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I was asked by the children’s director of our church to come up with classroom themes and a hallway theme to tie everything together…. What I came up with is… The nursery will be a “Garden” theme with trees, birds, and nests.  The toddler room is going to be “The Farm”, preschool/kindergarten is “The Jungle”, First through 6th grade will be “The Beach” and an overflow room as “The Forest”… Rooms decided now how do you make that work with a L-O-N-G hallway…. I decided to go with a road theme, imagine driving down the road and seeing different sites… I needed help from a real artist with the design how do you flow a forest into a beach?  A farm into a forest?  The there is the whole depth perception aspect {not my area at all}… So with the help of Diane… here is our progress so far… I thought about waiting until completion before posting, but then if my posts are far and few between you may wonder what I am up to… So 4 hours of Thursday got us drawing outlines on the blue walls and all the brown road, fence posts, and tree trunks done…

Friday morning we started painting at 7:00 am and stopped at 6:30 pm…. 11 1/2 got us to this…

We still have a ways to go and I will update with more photos as we go along…

*Did you know if you spend 4 hours squatting on Thursday, and paint for 11 plus hours on Friday that on Saturday, you are BARELY able to move your legs… I am talking PAIN people serious PAIN…



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