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No more Wisdom


Our oldest had his wisdom teeth removed today {all 4}… What a terrible experience… As soon as his eyes were opened from surgery, they had him in a wheel chair and asked us to pull the car around to the back of the building, that right there should tell ya something… Like they don’t want the other patients in the waiting room to witness, all the BLOOD, that was pouring out of his mouth… I looked at the attendant and said, you expect me to take him in my car bleeding like that??  He said oh it’s normal to bleed after surgery… I’ll change his gauze one more time and then you can change it for him every 30 minutes for the next two hours… Let me tell you, we went through the entire bag of gauze before we even got to Lodi.  By the time we got home from the pharmacy with his antibiotic, and 2 pain meds. He was throwing up… Apparently the anesthesia made him nauseous… Figures, {that happened to me too} so by noon, when my hubby was at the drug store buying more gauze, I was on the phone crying to my mom pleading for her to take the other three boys to her house when she got off work this evening, {I really didn’t have to plead she was way more than willing, even got off right then and there drove around the corner, she works directly behind my house and picked up the three little brothers}… Not that they were being difficult or hard, our boys are SUPER easy… but… Let’s just say Chris has serious GRUMPY issues after being put under and when in pain, the noise and distraction was just too much.  FINALLY as of 6 PM this evening the bleeding and throwing up has stopped… What an EXTREMELY hard day, I am so very thankful my hubby was off to help, I am also beyond thankful my parents are so near and willing to take my kids and fill their days and nights with GREAT FUN….

I would be very grateful if someone would come over and decorate my house for fall, I am thinking it will never happen, and after today I am not in the mood…  Here’s to hoping for a better day tomorrow and praying for quick healing for our son.


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Heart Art

Remember back when I listed my randomness… I mentioned my hubby would fax these great pictures over for our sons to receive when he was at work… Here is some of the fax lovin’ we got….

Just so you know we called our oldest Fo Fo or Fo Fo Juice, and our second son is PollyWog or Beans

These treasures are about 11 1/2 years old…. I LOVE everyone of them!

Speaking of treasures…

My mom would get up early in the morning and sit at the bar-stools and doodle on my plain lunch bags.  I loved those lunch bags, so much so that I would carefully fold them, tuck them safely away in my pocket and bring them home.  I have kept them all these years {let’s just say they are over 20 years old}… still gives me warm fuzzies!


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Type Hype

I went to Goodwill yesterday {I haven’t been there in ages} and I only bought ONE thing and it was only $1.00 That my friends is a first….  I tend to gravitate to typewriters, in fact my first tassel purchase was a typewriter… I am sure this cutie held business cards and a pen, but I will find a new use for it, not sure what yet, but it was too cute to leave on the shelf.

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Lots of pages….


Book 3 “Eclipse” was spooky like “New Moon” to me, but I am sure to most it is just fine… Then comes…

What an amazing finish… Over 750 pages, I read this book through a migraine, fighting against the numbing hands, and black spots that plagued my pages…. I had to know, had to see this love story unfold… ahhhhhhhh so worth it! 

So that is where this girl has been, not blogging, but reading…. I am going to get my fall decor out now, and am a little disappointed in myself being yesterday was the first day of Autumn and I read right through it….

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Let’s Talk Turkey…

I’ve been busy making “turkey soup”

I am going to ask opinions here… Are they something I should list in my etsy shop??

Should I group them in three’s, sell individually, if so how much should I ask??  I get a little frustrated with my etsy shop and often think when my listings are up I will close, but then this very week, I sold 3 things!  Yipppeeee that got me jazzed and inspired…. So I made turkeys….

and this fall banner…

{would this sell}??

Give me some feedback fellow bloggers….

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I’ve been Tagged…

Jackie from  Empty Nest Full of Life, tagged me….

I am supposed to list 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 others to do the same, so here goes:

1.  I read magazines starting at the back, it’s true I read them backwards.

2.  I am a hopeless romantic, I have every letter {from high school} and card my hubby ever gave me!  Including faxes he used to draw these elaborate pictures of scenes from home and fax them to me when he was at work… hmmm that might need to be a future post!

3.  I won’t let my dog go outside, she is box trained  although we don’t use the litter, she ate that… I put puppy pads in it.  I don’t want her to get that dog smell, or get dirty, fleas, etc…. She is strictly indoors!

4.  I STILL to this very day, sleep with 2 security blankets… Can’t sleep without them!

5.  I HATE waiting til the last minute, I am a PLANNER, I am talking put it on the calendar weeks, even months in advance.

6.  My favorite time to drink water is at night when I have just brushed my teeth, makes the water WAY cold!

I am not going to tag 6 others, because most of you have already done this, but feel free to comment or post your own randomness! 😉

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99 cent store candle stick with lovely chipped gold paint

Spray painted white, rubbed with tea stain, tied with orange bow….

Ready to display a pumpkin!

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