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Beyond Frustated


Let me start by saying this picture has nothing to do with this post other than it shows FRUSTRATION….

  • Woke up to dirt chunks all over my house where ever my 15 year old walked this morning before school, there was hunks of dirt.
  • Dishes piling so high you couldn’t see my faucet, they weren’t there when I went to bed.
  • Laundry piles left from yesterday the boys hadn’t put away.

So I decide as soon as I am done working in the kindergarten class, I would come straight home and clean.  I did just that came home started the dishwasher, hand washed the rest, cleared my counter tops of week of clutter, put that glass surface stove top wax stuff on the stove, wiped down the refrigerator, dusted the family room…..  Then I VACUUMED, oh how I love to vacuum, I was super happy, enjoying myself… I mopped the kitchen and entry, the house smelled of Pinesol and looked beautiful….

  • Then I notice the older boys didn’t make their bed, that’s a deal breaker in this house, if you don’t make your bed you don’t get dessert or snacks in the evening {hey it works for the most part}… I then look over at a certain 15 year olds bed and let’s say the quilt was pulled up in an attempt to “make the bed”, but it actually made me madder at his sloppiness, and the fact that he would even think I would except it.
  • I then get a phone call from that same 15 year olds biology teacher informing me that he has to stay after for detention in her class…. Apparently the little dear didn’t do his homework and so he was required to stay after and finish in her class for 1/2 the credit….  He did do math homework yesterday, but never mentioned a word about biology….

So when the kids all arrive home from school I get everyone started on homework, and head out to church to continue on with the never ending hallway murals….  I try to call my hubby for a good ol’ pep talk {he is so good at those and calming my spirit when I am feeling rage}… He didn’t answer…. Oh well deal with it right….

  • get to the church don’t even have my paint brushed dipped in paint and my cell phone rings… “Mom, can I go over to Nate’s?  He really wants me too” my reply, “No I am painting and today won’t work” his reply, “but can’t you just come home and take me” “NO, I said NOT TODAY”  {sheeeeez}
  • I call home to make sure the certain said, 15 year is still doing homework {he was} for my 13 year old to tell me “Mom, the 5 year old and 9 year old have been terrible, they have been shooting peanuts out of Slurpee straws across the house, they knocked down a dining room chair, and a whole bunch of your decorations fell from the top of your hutch”  “WHAT”… those that know my boys, won’t believe this, even I don’t, this is not their typical “boy” behavior… they are NOT rowdy kids???

So as I am driving home feeling even more frustrated than when I left…. I am envisioning ALL the work I did this morning destroyed… and I decide then and there that as soon as they eat dinner the two little ones are going STRAIGHT to bed {punishment}….

Dinner is over at 6:15 {it is already dark out} I tell them to brush their teeth, put pajamas on and get in bed, and if I heard one peep out of there room BIG trouble…. To which the 9 year old says, “what if a cats makes a noise”???  UGHHHHHHHHHH I want to scream….

  • Still up at 6:40, taking their sweet time, the 9 year old says… “We need a shower or bath, we played outside” my reply, “too bad” He then starts crying saying “but I am itchy” me: “TOO BAD”  the sobs come even harder.
  • He then starts making throw up noises as he is getting himself so worked up he is about the spew his Taco Bell {I cheated on dinner}…. HE DIDN’T {thank goodness}

I tell him he has exactly one minute to get in bed and STOP his CRYING…

I am so glad it’s 7:09 pm and no sound is coming from their room, and that same 15 year old is still sitting here at the table doing his homework {since 2:30} he did stop long enough to eat Taco Bell….

I am glad this day is done….


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My morning started happy enough, after all it was Monday {one of my favorite days}.  I got up, got ready, took the kids to school, came home and made cake… I mean it doesn’t get any better than that right??  We had our MOMents event scheduled for later in the evening and I was making our birthday cake… I have this great Giant cupcake pan that uses a regular size cake mix to make a cute cupcake, mind you I have used this pan before, so I didn’t think any problems should arise…. Cake 1 {as in ONE}

Yep it’s RAW {as in uncooked in the center} for fear of the top over cooking apparently I didn’t leave it in long enough for the bottom to fully cook…. UGH

Cake 2 {as in baking a second cake}


Oh yeah that’s the SECOND cake whipped frosting and warm weather make for a runny mess. I was ready to CRY I tell ya, then about an hour later…

The double DRIP, are you kidding me???  I give up… I moved this little “cutie” near my open window hoping the frosting would set, it did… I then scrapped the drips {note to self that side will be the back}…. The final product…

Not to shabby…. I managed to get it to Emilie’s intact, it did tip once on the drive over, I then took hold of the cake plate and drove one handed all the way too her house!  Talk about a mess!  Everyone said it was yummy, I had some and I thought it was yummy….  

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{Funky Funks}

Where has she been??  Why hasn’t she posted??… Well, I have been in sort of a funk if you will… You could call it “bloggers block” but it’s really more like the blues… There are many projects I would like to work on, but don’t want to spend the funds to do so, especially after seeing the receipt to fill up my car, $102.00!  Yikes…. But that kind of stuff doesn’t bring me down, it’s the realization that in two weeks my boys {all 4 of them} will be starting school.  I know some of you will not be able to relate to what I am about to write, but… I get this way at the end of every summer.  Only this summer it’s worse…. I have NEVER not had a little person home with me.  In the 15 years I have had my babies, one of them has always been here, meaning when one little monkey was ready to start kindergarten I would still have another little monkey here.  Not this year, my very last baby is heading to kindergarten.  This REALLY grieves me terribly, it’s not that I don’t have a million things to do and he will only be half day, it’s the thought of him going to school.  I enjoy my boys so much and summers are never long enough.  I love the days the car never leaves the driveway and they stay in their cool summer jammies all day.  We play, read, snack, and enjoy each other.  No schedules to keep and hectic homework/dinner/sports filled evenings.  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh even typing about it makes me blue….

Ok enough of that on to something more happy… Today in the mail, I got Romantic Homes magazine from my Secret Sister,  our MOMents group  is having our Secret Sister event…. Boy is that fun, we fill out these great questionnaires and draw a name, then we buy little goodies and send little notes to our secret sister for about 6 weeks, then we reveal who had us!  It’s so much fun, and I have to tell you the timing of who ever drew me was perfect.  My magazine will bring great happiness to my funk today!  Thank you Secret Sister!

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Moody Monday

Ok I am sure at least some of you can relate to this, and others will have no idea what I am talking about…  Ever have a case of the “uglies”??  You know, your hair is just not cooperating, you even contemplate cutting or coloring it…  Your skin seems dull and yucky, your clothes don’t fit right and everything you try is all wrong!  Then when you find something that will work you don’t have any shoes to match…  Now why we think this is a good time to shop is beyond me, maybe we are thinking retail therapy??  However if you have a true case of the “uglies” EVERYTHING you try on will be all wrong, I swear my butt is not that big in my mirror at home!  All mounting to your now incredibly UGLY mood….  During the case of the “uglies” everyone around you will be incredibly irritating; of course this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them…  Your spouse will wonder what happened to his sweet, compassionate, dare I say loving wife….  Since she has now been replaced by “Cruella de Vil”.  Your poor children will scramble at the thump of your heavy footed step, and try and avoid you at all cost, (this is actually very smart of them)…  You then grab ANYTHING chocolate, to medicate yourself with, only to reflect back on the earlier clothes shopping experience, and think I really shouldn’t eat this…  By this point you don’t care, and you devour the entire super size bag of mega peanut M&M’s (ladies I am not talking the little size bag you get at the checkout, I am talking the HUGE bag intend for a candy dish for several people)!  As if all this isn’t bad enough every room in your house has exploded with clutter and messes… How on earth did this happen when for an entire month you have maintained such tidiness??? Ughhhh what’s a girl to do???  Pray tomorrow will be a better day, and this bout of the “uglies” quickly passes…. Until next time!

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