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Christmas Already?

Actually Christmas items have been in the stores for a while now, today I went shopping with my favorite little Taterbug and we looked at fun decorations.


Look at that big honkin’ acorn {I didn’t buy it}


How about the hootie owl… cute

All these Christmas goodies made me want to come home and make a Christmas craft…


Here is what I came up with, the coloring is off in the picture, but the base is white, sanded, red Merry Christmas, and tea stained.


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Thanksgiving Decor


I will start with one of my favorite pieces… Remember my $2.50 urn, haven’t painted it yet, but I am likin’ this stained cement color with orange berries and my pumpkin.


My mantel, I bought the silver Pilgrim and Indian candle holders last year after Thanksgiving, so it was super fun to unpack them this year!


Here is the awesome glitter Give Thanks banner and Giant acorn from Elise.



Look at that super cute tassel Elise made me, and all those acorns, turkeys, and my faceless Pilgrims.


Little cuties


My favorite old typewriter wth white pumpkins and ANOTHER Elise treasure!

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Goodwill Goodies


I went to Goodwill today, and hit the jack pot!  I got an old washboard {I am going to repaint it} I was even thinking of painting the metal with chalkboard paint.   A huge wooden pumpkin, a giant glass jar with a chalkboard oval, big urn {should I paint it} ?, big green glass ornament, and an acorn candle holder.


Vintage Children’s books, a couple books to set out for Valentine’s day, I like using books in my decor, a couple books for me, a children’s nursery rhyme book and Amber glass children’s divided plate with nursery rhymes on it.

The best part… I was able to use 2 FIVE dollar OFF coupons… Our local Pennysaver gives weekly $5 off coupons on any purchases of $15.00 or more.  Of course it’s one per transaction, I got a nice lady who let me split my purchases into 2 transactions…

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…. for Elise she was my swap partner for Em’s “mini” Thanksgiving Swap… Elise and I both decided that we didn’t like “mini” in fact… to quote Elise, “go big or go home”…. that being said… here is the “mini” box that arrived on my porch today….

This thing could have held a piece of furniture!

Everything all packaged up…

Couple different angles of this BEAUTY… how LUCKY am I…..

Look she makes tassels… I LOVE tassels!

Giant SILVER acorn {LOVE acorns!}

a HUGE chalkboard! {did I mention I LOVE acorns}?

Glitter GIVE THANKS banner…

ACORN salt and Pepper shakers, TURKEY towel with cookie cutter, TURKEY note pad, ACORN mug… and CUTE tag!!


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Just Added

I’ve had a few requests for my fall decor, so I added a couple new items to my etsy shop Worn Acorn

FALL glitter blocks!

and of course the beloved ACORN

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All that Glitters…

Looky what Walmart put out…

Sorry for the dark photo, my kitchen lighting isn’t great for pics…

Black glitter keys, and silver glitter birds!  They are $1.00 each…. ahhhh I remember when Walmart ornaments were .97 cents {last year and the previous years} still at a buck these are a good value and oh so pretty… They will stay out year round!

Now for a hallway update….

Wall to the Whimsical Nursery

Jungle love {preschool}

The Forest

We still have a ways to go… But since we do have progress, I thought I’d share.

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Hey Em remember these??  From like two years ago??  Well, I needed something to do… The kids {all 5} went back to school after being home for two weeks, and I was going crazy here… The dog and I both miss them terribly… This happens to me after every break.  I honestly LOVE them being here and I feel lonely without them.  I of course could be doing some needed cleaning, but I feel like that is what I spent the entire two weeks they were home doing… Do you know I ran the dishwasher about 3 times a day!  I found this plastic bag up on the top shelf of my pantry and knew it would be the perfect project to finish… The sewing was done, all I needed to do was paint and assemble…

ahhh don’t those colors make you happy?? 

Finally finished…

Here it is with an acorn tag…

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