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Here are picture’s Cristine emailed me of her {afters} they just did a kitchen/dining room remodel and converted their formal dining room into a family room….

{sorry for the tiny pictures, that is how they downloaded}

Thanks for sharing your home Cristine!


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Well I sure didn’t travel far this week, but I figured since I didn’t post last Tuesday… I had better do something…  As we wrap up the end of the school year with 4 kiddos at 3 different schools it’s been a little busy… So I thought I’d share our home! 

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This Tuesday we will tour my parents decor, yes this really is their home, not a store… 

They have lots of collections…

Thanks for sharing your home.

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So today I traveled to Emilie’s house!

Thank You Emilie for sharing your home!


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So I have decided to share home decor with you… I will travel {I always have my camera} and take random pictures of family and friends homes then share with you…. Hence Travelin’ Tuesday…. So our first tour will be at Beckie’s….


Thank you for sharing your home Beckie!

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