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5 BUSY boys + 1 BUSY daddy + 1 OVERWELMED mommy = 2 much MESS….


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I go out to the garage this afternoon for this


Only to find this

Yep… You guessed it the freezer wasn’t shut tight… With the temps in the high 90’s and I am sure hotter in the garage, we had thawing going on… Although my hubby wanted the freezer thawed because the top shelf gets so much icy build up  I am pretty sure he didn’t have this in mind…

I ended up throwing away a turkey, ribs, ground turkey, and misc junk food.

And bringing in the house refrigerator TWO whole chickens and a bag of chicken breast {as they were on the shelf with all that ice, so they were thawed…. but still cold.

So now what the heck am I going to do with all this chicken??  Any ideas??  I don’t about you all, but with grocery prices as they are, it killed me to toss out all that food!  But I wasn’t about to serve it to my family and hope nobody got sick…  I am totally bummed and thought this is something I should take pics of and blog about, then decided against it, then thought no… I will feel better blogging about it…. So now you all get to read my woes…. 😦

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Does anyone have any ideas for getting rid of a week long headache??  This is horrible!  I tend to get migraines, but this my friends is not a migraine {I took my med for that and it did absolutely nothing} that’s how I know it’s not a migraine.  I seriously think it’s allergies, however I do NOT get the kind of allergies where your eyes water and you sneeze… I get nasal congestion in saying that…. MY NOSE ISN’T STUFFY, so why this headache???  Anyway I have tried, with no avail…. Ibuprofen 400mg, Sudafed Sinus Headache, and last night my Imitrex…. I am open to suggestions…..

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Body & Spirit


At church today our pastor said something that made me go hmmmmmm.  How much time do you spend on your body?  Cleaning your body, feeding your body, primping your body, pampering your body etc…  He then followed that with how much time do you spend on your spirit??  You see your spirit is who you are, the spirit is God manifested in you, and yet do you give your spirit as much time and attention as you give your body?  One day our body is going to quit, give up, stop…. But our spirit will remain for eternity.  You are spirit and you will always be…  You are a SPIRIT within a body.  {By the way, we should still spend time cleaning our bodies (hahahaha) just don’t forget to spend time cleaning our spirit as well}


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So today is Monday of a three day weekend!  With the garage complete, I now have a LIST of things to do inside:  It goes like this…

*Help Spike put together Beckie’s shutters {today is her birthday} and her hubby ordered shutters for her…

*Make Beckie a birthday cake {I bought this Giant cupcake pan at Michaels} too cute! 


*Put dinner in the crock pot

*Give Dolce a bath

*Do 6 loads of laundry

*Do the mountain of dishes

*Dump all garbage’s

*Take a load to the Goodwill

*Run into S~Mart to pick up Sprite {for Johnny he is now sick}

*Clean the cat box

*Change the big boys sheets

By dinner time with several more things on my list to complete, I was feeling kinda grouchy so I opted to take a bath and go to bed at 8:30 to read my book Spike bought me for Valentine’s Day “Sarah, my Beloved

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I will first start with the before photos, and no I was NOT having a garage sale… Anyone who knows me has seen my over stuffed unorganized garage!  This has been a dreaded task for at least 2 years, I am not kidding when I tell ya… I have put this baby off…  Well this crisp, cool, sunshine inspired me to get out there… and get BUSY, so Saturday morning at 9:30 I began… I started with emptying the entire contents onto the driveway.

Side View

Front View
Contents Overflow

Now mind you this is in half of a garage since about 3 years ago we converted half of our garage into a game room for the boys.  After emptying the contents I began sorting through EVERY box, this is when I transferred all Christmas into red and green tubs, Halloween into black and orange tubs, fall into taupe tubs, etc.  I also labeled EVERYTHING with my trusty label maker {love this tool}.  During this redo I was making a pile for donation and another for the dump.  Then after SEVEN hours I started loosing day light so I had to haul it ALL back into the garage and vowed that first thing in the morning I would be out there FINISHING it!  That is exactly what I did…. I pulled EVERYTHING back out and continued with my sorting.  Another SEVEN hours, one truck load to the Goodwill, and TWO truckloads to the dump here are my results!



I am VERY pleased to get that monkey off my back!  We even were able to get our extra refrigerator {that was in the game room} out there.  It’s the garage I have always dreamed of!  Emilie and Roxanne I can hear you cheering now {especially since you didn’t have to help}!

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