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Beloved Becky


Never doubt your purpose in life,
God created you to bring forth light.
You have blessed the lives of many,
Your heart and compassion, unlike that of any.
Quick and responsive with wisdom from above,
Always surrounded with His Holy love.
Being the vessel He chose to use,
With strength and obedience you didn’t refuse.
You’re stronger than you know,
With the Lord in control you continue to grow.
He created you with purpose and reason
And will remain by your side through every season.
                                                             Jenny Gilley

I will give you the short version of the story… Basically Becky, my sister has been through one challenging year to say the very least.  Life has took some pretty difficult turns for her, I know at times she has doubted her strength, and oddly the Lord has chosen not once but TWICE to use her to save the lives of “His children”… I still don’t think she grasps, how even though she feels weak through HIM she is STRONG.  After her heroic CPR efforts yesterday, I was impressed by the Lord with this poem for her.


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Courting Emma

Courting Emma

The final book in the Little Hickman Creek Series, was another GREAT feel good story.  I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars…  Well worth the read, and to own the 3 part series is a must!  At the end of the book is an announcement for the next series due out in spring of 2009.  I can’t wait to see what Sharlene MacLaren has in store for us next!


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So I have decided to share home decor with you… I will travel {I always have my camera} and take random pictures of family and friends homes then share with you…. Hence Travelin’ Tuesday…. So our first tour will be at Beckie’s….


Thank you for sharing your home Beckie!

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Just thought I’d share a typical Saturday morning with you all… I normally do not post pictures of my kids on the internet, for fearful reasons… Then in thinking about it my two teenagers have myspace pages anyway, with TONS of pictures… So I asked my hubby what he thought… He in all his infamous wisdom says, “no one’s going to take them… they’d have to feed ’em”…. so that being said I think I’ll give you a glimpse into life with 4 BOYS….

Chris laying in bed ESPN on the TV, playing his guitar

Johnny putting songs on his ipod {See Daisy bird watching from the window}

Jeffrey and Dolce snuggling on the couch.

Tanner took over the living room with trains!

{Like his laundry basket and blanket tunnel}?

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A Dude Desk

My 5 year old who will be starting kindergarten said he needed a desk for school, so I mentioned it to me mom who is the Queen of Junkin’ and sure enough she found this little beauty for $2.99…  Now most would say it’s cute white and pink… I assure you my 5 year old son didn’t think the white and pink was so cute…

Yesterday we went and bought navy blue, his room is done in an Americana theme and blue is his favorite color.  After some sanding and primer… It was ready to be sprayed….

Here is our end result, one Dude Desk, and one Happy Little Dude!

Note after this picture was taken, he added important things to the desk top, a basket of chap-stick, a police car, a 96 box of crayola crayons, and don’t forget the blown glass Christmas Tree {my dad gave him, that used to stay on his shelf year round}… When I made a comment that he wouldn’t have enough room to write, he replied, “yes, I will I am pushing all this against the wall, it’s decorations mom” How can I argue with that??

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Oh Happy Day

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Deep Dark Chocolate Cake


 Just click on the recipe card {to enlarge}


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