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Early in the fall I went to a garage sale, Em told me had owl things for a quarter!  I bought this cute big eyed owl.


When my parents came over for my birthday, they brought some second hand owls for me.  In the bunch were these two big eyed babies….


I remember saying, those look so familiar… hmmm

Well tonight as I was looking for something in my room, I looked at my book shelf with the one big eyed owl, and it clicked {you know a light bulb moment}… That’s the Momma!  I brought her into the kitchen where the big eyed babies were…. A family REUNITED!



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Sew Awesome…




Look at the detail….

This my friends is my Goodwill treasure…. Thank you Dad, Mom, and Roxanne!  I saw this a few weeks ago, but it was $45.00 and to me that was too high for Goodwill {although I know in an antique store it would have been way more}… So yesterday my hubby and I went in and I was looking at books, he wandered off and came over to me and said, “I found something I think you would like, it’s an old sewing machine”… I informed him I had seen a week ago but the price was too high for me, he went back over and said, “It’s $25.00″…. WHAT, wait… I went over and sure enough the $45.00 was crossed out and it was marked down to $25.00, but wait I never leave home without my $5.00 off coupon….. So this beauty cost me 20 BUCKS!!

NOW…. for my next 20 dollar purchase….

From Marshall’s


A GIANT acorn…. I know some of you will think I am crazy, but it was marked down from $55.00… Here is an idea at the HUGENESS of my acorn…


That is my Pepsi can from lunch…. 😉

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Goodwill Goodies


I went to Goodwill today, and hit the jack pot!  I got an old washboard {I am going to repaint it} I was even thinking of painting the metal with chalkboard paint.   A huge wooden pumpkin, a giant glass jar with a chalkboard oval, big urn {should I paint it} ?, big green glass ornament, and an acorn candle holder.


Vintage Children’s books, a couple books to set out for Valentine’s day, I like using books in my decor, a couple books for me, a children’s nursery rhyme book and Amber glass children’s divided plate with nursery rhymes on it.

The best part… I was able to use 2 FIVE dollar OFF coupons… Our local Pennysaver gives weekly $5 off coupons on any purchases of $15.00 or more.  Of course it’s one per transaction, I got a nice lady who let me split my purchases into 2 transactions…

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Type Hype

I went to Goodwill yesterday {I haven’t been there in ages} and I only bought ONE thing and it was only $1.00 That my friends is a first….  I tend to gravitate to typewriters, in fact my first tassel purchase was a typewriter… I am sure this cutie held business cards and a pen, but I will find a new use for it, not sure what yet, but it was too cute to leave on the shelf.

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Goodwill Goodies

Wooden key {it is going to get a paint job, any color suggestions}?  Silver cream and sugar bowl, I just love picking up little silver pieces, {I still need to post the mini ones I found too cute}, giant soup ladle {again with the things that aren’t to scale… LOVE it} probably going to rub some kind of paint over all that gold {any ideas}?, sliver plated {and chipped up} candle stick holder that I know will get spray painted black {I can see it now}, and a lonely quail salt and pepper shaker {missing it’s mate} I am thinking I could turn it into a tassel or paint it all white?? hmmmmmmm Oh boy I have projects {like I needed new ones} 😉

A bread dough gingerbread boy, did any of you know I H-E-A-R-T anything gingerbread, except the actual cookies yucky… Lots of my Christmas decor is gingerbread I love these guys…. Found this 14 inch cutie for $3.50.

Old children’s books, they have some of the best illustrations…

I love this woman’s decor and check out those chandeliers!

All of this plus a pair of Quicksilver shorts for my son, and a long sleeve Polo shirt for my hubby for under 20 bucks!!

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I was doing the usual… dishes, changing sheets, folding laundry, when my mom calls….

Mom: “are you going to be home?”

Me: “yes”

Mom: “Okay we bought you something and are coming over to give it to you.”

Me: “Alright!”

Ding Dong….

Aren’t these the GREATEST tv trays ever??  They are almost toile like and I LOVE them… 

Then one more treat…

A mini toile tea cup and saucer….

I am super happy my parents LOVE to antique….  Thanks dad and mom!

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Goodwill Green

Look at the “green” I got at Goodwill

The vans are my oldest sons size and he is SUPER into green right now…

The dishes I just couldn’t pass up, all my purchases came to…


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