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Goodwill Goodies


I went to Goodwill today, and hit the jack pot!  I got an old washboard {I am going to repaint it} I was even thinking of painting the metal with chalkboard paint.   A huge wooden pumpkin, a giant glass jar with a chalkboard oval, big urn {should I paint it} ?, big green glass ornament, and an acorn candle holder.


Vintage Children’s books, a couple books to set out for Valentine’s day, I like using books in my decor, a couple books for me, a children’s nursery rhyme book and Amber glass children’s divided plate with nursery rhymes on it.

The best part… I was able to use 2 FIVE dollar OFF coupons… Our local Pennysaver gives weekly $5 off coupons on any purchases of $15.00 or more.  Of course it’s one per transaction, I got a nice lady who let me split my purchases into 2 transactions…


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I went to the book fair yesterday, By the way, I just LOVE the smell of new books! THANKS Cathy…. Bonus when your cousin is a librarian!  Check out this loot…

Big boys books

Little boys books

Holiday and… Cook books for Mama…

Then as if this day wasn’t good enough… I WON a give~away… Yep one of my daily blogs My Lily Eden was hosting a give away with AWESOME creations from Quiltville… A cupcake hipster bag… Does it really get any better than book and a bag??

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Lying on Sunday {book review}

Lying on Sunday

by Sharon K. Souza

I am once again amazed at Sharon’s ability to tap into all of my senses in her story telling.  The characters in Lying on Sunday are so real, you can find someone you know in each of them.  A journey of self discovery for Abbie, finding strength in her family, best friend and ultimately the Lord. 

It’s a definite 5 out of 5!

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Lots of pages….


Book 3 “Eclipse” was spooky like “New Moon” to me, but I am sure to most it is just fine… Then comes…

What an amazing finish… Over 750 pages, I read this book through a migraine, fighting against the numbing hands, and black spots that plagued my pages…. I had to know, had to see this love story unfold… ahhhhhhhh so worth it! 

So that is where this girl has been, not blogging, but reading…. I am going to get my fall decor out now, and am a little disappointed in myself being yesterday was the first day of Autumn and I read right through it….

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New Moon

I just finished New Moon, I have to say this book made a little jumpy {not much, but like I said, I am a BIG chicken}… Certain parts of this book irritated me…. hmmm those that have read it, will know which parts I am talking about…. One of my comments on the Twilight post said, “GO TEAM EDWARD” I agree….  I gotta tell though I am hooked!  I have to actually go out and buy Eclipse {book 3} and it’s driving me CRAZY that I don’t have it here already to start reading!  I’ll get it this week for sure….


And this winner is….

Tina W.

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Timestamp: 2008-09-15 15:01:28 UTC

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Scared of a Love Story?


I know I am little behind the times with this…. I have seen these books on blogs and never paid any attention, my cousin told me about this great series she was reading and when she mentioned vampire, I tuned it out… I am a HUGE chicken, I have a ULTRA sensitive spirit if you will, and don’t do evil or scary things, so much so that I don’t watch the news, and MUST fall asleep to Nick at Night {Cosby Show, George Lopez, Family Matters} you get the idea, I have done this for the past 18 years, the reason I chose Nick at Night is because it was the only channel that didn’t show scary movie previews can’t watch those either…

But on Friday, my friend Jaime came to pick up her little monkey, Haiden, and asked if I had ever read the Twilight series???  “What’s that I asked” she went onto to say it’s that vampire series…. WHAT, WAIT, HOLD up… I don’t do vampire stories, if I read a book like that I would NEVER sleep.  She said…. “NO, it’s nothing like that, it’s not even a little bit scary, it’s a LOVE story”  Yeah right, here were the following questions I asked:

Q. Is it evil?


Q. Is it bloody?


*Update after reading the series… It is in fact bloody, but not in a gory way {if that makes sense}?

Q. Will it scare me?


*Update after reading the series… Yes, it did make me a little jumpy at times… {CHICKEN, little I know}

She then said, “It is a beautiful love story, about him wanting to protect her.”  hmmmmmmmmmmmm  If I wasn’t convinced already, my two 15 year old boys, walk in on the conversation and say, “Is that the book everyone is reading”?  Jaime said, “Yes it is, it’s actually in the young reader section and they are making a movie of it in November.”

FINE, I cave I’ll go to Target and get the book, where I call my cousin and tell her, I am going to read it, and make sure I ask her all the same questions I asked Jaime… She answered the same way, only added, “You better buy book two, “New Moon” because you will want to go straight into it when you finish “Twilight”

So… I started reading late Saturday night, {only got 5 hours of sleep}  Went to church on Sunday, came home {Thank goodness for football season} and FINISHED all 500 pages!  Just had to share with you…  If you read it, what did you think?  If you haven’t “FLY” to the nearest store and BUY this book!  You will want to own it!  I am in LOVE with Edward and Bella, this was an amazing story, I can’t wait to start book 2!

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Courting Emma

Courting Emma

The final book in the Little Hickman Creek Series, was another GREAT feel good story.  I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars…  Well worth the read, and to own the 3 part series is a must!  At the end of the book is an announcement for the next series due out in spring of 2009.  I can’t wait to see what Sharlene MacLaren has in store for us next!


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