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5 BUSY boys + 1 BUSY daddy + 1 OVERWELMED mommy = 2 much MESS….


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I go out to the garage this afternoon for this


Only to find this

Yep… You guessed it the freezer wasn’t shut tight… With the temps in the high 90’s and I am sure hotter in the garage, we had thawing going on… Although my hubby wanted the freezer thawed because the top shelf gets so much icy build up  I am pretty sure he didn’t have this in mind…

I ended up throwing away a turkey, ribs, ground turkey, and misc junk food.

And bringing in the house refrigerator TWO whole chickens and a bag of chicken breast {as they were on the shelf with all that ice, so they were thawed…. but still cold.

So now what the heck am I going to do with all this chicken??  Any ideas??  I don’t about you all, but with grocery prices as they are, it killed me to toss out all that food!  But I wasn’t about to serve it to my family and hope nobody got sick…  I am totally bummed and thought this is something I should take pics of and blog about, then decided against it, then thought no… I will feel better blogging about it…. So now you all get to read my woes…. 😦

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This is me… Cute apron!  I have so MANY projects that need tending too, I don’t know where to begin!  I have about 20 things started, the last week and a half we have had a work crew here installing the ac/heat system {which I am LOVING, it actually cycles} I have managed to stay on top of the dust and keep the floors clean, but somehow the rest has fallen apart, I don’t even know where to start!  Not to mention I would LOVE a craft project, although I did manage to sew a queen size quilt top for Spike’s aunt and uncle, but am having a horrible time finding a backing…. I have junk drawers that won’t open, cabinets that need painting, the boys bathroom needs a paint job, I’d like to get out all of my Americana decor… I did manage to texture the hall closet after Spike sheet rocked {we gained a closet the old heater used to live there} I need to go back over it then paint, so Spike can install shelves. Ahhhhhhhhhh enough whining, I just need to jump in and tackle something, although it’s only 10:30 and a Pepsi and something chocolate sounds really good…. See how my mind wanders… If I’d get busy, and NOT eat the chocolate I would probably shed the extra pounds, that have somehow strapped themselves to me!

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What the Heck???

So last night I am walking down the hall and in front of my front door on the cream colored tile I notice all this black soot?  Weird…. But yesterday was SUPER windy and because it has been so hot, I had all of the windows and doors open plus the whole house fan…  I go to wipe it up with a paper towel and it literally smeared EVERYWHERE… YUCK… I decide I guess I better clean tomorrow… This morning I notice because the cats had raced in the hallway and slid the runner off to the side, that there was a perfect BLACK line where the rug was, and that same soot all over…

Upon further inspection this junk is all over everything, I am not kidding, it’s everywhere.  My kitchen shutters…

Here is the rag after wiping only two fins on my shutters…

I so have my work cut out for me… I am very glad REBA is home.

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Reba and Daisy

After 6 LONG months of not having Reba {my Rainbow vacuum}, She finally got to come home good as new!  She has been inoperable for the past 6 months and in the shop for over a month…  For those that know me… know vacuuming is one of my absolute favorite things to do…  I even talk about it in my about me.  Now I have still had Phylis, but my Reba’s main computer burnt out.  The part alone was $329.00!  YIKES, not exactly in the budget… But my generous hubby took her in {is it weird that my vacuums are girls and have names} No, okay didn’t think so…. We found an AMAZING Rainbow dealer/shop in Carmichael…  Anyway my dad drove me up there yesterday morning to pick her up.  I didn’t have a chance to vacuum until last night though… it was WONDERFUL… I had a blast!…. Of course those that know me also know, that my girls are NEVER in the closet but rather out with the family.  I guess Momma isn’t the only one happy to have Reba back!

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Cleaning the Microwave

I often wonder how people clean things… Trying to use new “green” ways to clean, I realized I was “green” cleaning before it was cool… Just thought I’d share how I clean my microwave… I have NEVER had a dirty microwave, something about putting food in a dirty container just grosses me out… Here is what I do…  Fill a coffee cup, glass measuring cup, or any other microwave heat safe cup with water, place it in the center of your microwave turn it on high for two minutes.  When it’s done just let it set in there with the door closed of course, for about 15 to 30 minutes.  When you open the door the HOT water will basically have steam cleaned it for you.  Now all you have to do is wipe it out.  I then pour the water into one of my plants…

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