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I’m packing my bags and…


It’s been a blast and I have enjoyed my last 226 posts, but I am upgrading.  My new “home” will allow me to have fun layouts, cool side bars, plus lots of extras.  I hope my WordPress subscribers will sign up to get an email when I post from the new “house“… It’s super easy all you have to do is enter your email under subscribe to my blog.  Friends and family stop by for a visit….



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Christmas Already?

Actually Christmas items have been in the stores for a while now, today I went shopping with my favorite little Taterbug and we looked at fun decorations.


Look at that big honkin’ acorn {I didn’t buy it}


How about the hootie owl… cute

All these Christmas goodies made me want to come home and make a Christmas craft…


Here is what I came up with, the coloring is off in the picture, but the base is white, sanded, red Merry Christmas, and tea stained.

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Just Added

I’ve had a few requests for my fall decor, so I added a couple new items to my etsy shop Worn Acorn

FALL glitter blocks!

and of course the beloved ACORN

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Acorn Tutorial {ornament}

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All that Glitters…

Looky what Walmart put out…

Sorry for the dark photo, my kitchen lighting isn’t great for pics…

Black glitter keys, and silver glitter birds!  They are $1.00 each…. ahhhh I remember when Walmart ornaments were .97 cents {last year and the previous years} still at a buck these are a good value and oh so pretty… They will stay out year round!

Now for a hallway update….

Wall to the Whimsical Nursery

Jungle love {preschool}

The Forest

We still have a ways to go… But since we do have progress, I thought I’d share.

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Hey Em remember these??  From like two years ago??  Well, I needed something to do… The kids {all 5} went back to school after being home for two weeks, and I was going crazy here… The dog and I both miss them terribly… This happens to me after every break.  I honestly LOVE them being here and I feel lonely without them.  I of course could be doing some needed cleaning, but I feel like that is what I spent the entire two weeks they were home doing… Do you know I ran the dishwasher about 3 times a day!  I found this plastic bag up on the top shelf of my pantry and knew it would be the perfect project to finish… The sewing was done, all I needed to do was paint and assemble…

ahhh don’t those colors make you happy?? 

Finally finished…

Here it is with an acorn tag…

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I made these last year for my sons preschool class, it was a huge considering all if the candy that gets past out, the mothers were all grateful!


Black cardstock

Halloween patterned scrapbook paper

Halloween rubber stamp {plus black ink}

Ribbon I used orange and black

Halloween Cookie Cutters

* You can also adapt this for Christmas, Easter, birthday favors….

Here is the recipe you will need to print {mine reads}

Happy Halloween

{Make this fun play dough recipe with your mom or dad}

Play Dough

1 cup boiling water

2 TBSP cooking oil

1/2 cup salt

1 cup flour

1 pkg Kool Aid mix

Stir water, oil, and salt until dissolved.

Stir in flour and Kool Aid mix until  cool enough

to knead to desired consistency.  Put in container.

Store in fridge.  Cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

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