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Who throws away perfectly wonderful twin headboards??  Now before you go thinkin’ we dumpster dive {never have in my life}… Let me explain… My husband works at a design center in Elk Grove, on Saturday when he went to dump their garbage in the “dumpster cage” which they don’t lock, and people are forever dumping their “trash” {furniture} inside the cage, for them to eventually break down and fit in the dumpster.  It’s a vicious cycle I tell ya’ {I am thinking just lock it}??  But for the guys, that would require needing to unlock it when they want to dump their garbage??  Whatevah….  Anyhow back to the SCORE and I do mean SCORE!


and not only one, but TWO..


Twin headboards!  So my hubby being the cutie that he is, recalls a conversation where I tell him “shabbying” up furniture with appliques is the best, and that you can use shutters, doors, headboards, etc.  for decor other than what is was originally intended for…. calls me and says, do you want me to bring home these headboards I think you’ll like?? “Of course,” I say, worse case if I don’t like them he can take him right back to the “dumpster cage”.

I gotta tell ya though I LOVE THESE headboards… Now we have NO use for girly {we have 4 boys} headboards, so my wheels are spinning, what can I do with these beauties, besides the obvious {paint and stain}… I want to make something with them, so I ask all my blog friends… Any suggestions???



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Prayer and Pipes

The Bible says ask and ye shall receive….  After 4 years of dealing with plumbing that was beyond horrible, meaning we had Orangeburg pipes, what’s that you ask???  It is tar paper rolled ten layers thick and then dipped in tar.  Is it just me or is that a stupid way to make a sewage pipe?  Needless to say it was used quite often in the 60’s and 70’s to attach sewer pipes from homes to the city.  Our house being built in the early 60’s had Orangeburg used.  We have experienced so many back ups and late night plumber calls, each a minimum of $200.00 dollars, in fact to give you an idea of how many times we call, Mr. Rooter,  “our guy” comes out and says things like, “did you miss me” and on Tuesday when I had to call again… He said, as I opened the door “I’m home.”  Each time they come {several times a year} we are told “you need to replace this line, your pipes are crushed and after 11 feet you don’t even have bottoms to the pipes” {I guess I should be thankful the paper pipes have lasted 46 years}… But I can honestly tell you I didn’t have the 6 to 10 THOUSAND yes thousand dollars we were quoted to run a new line!  After much prayer and tears, my Papa and husband {who mind you works 14 hour days} decide that each morning at 5:30 am they will go out and dig a couples hours and replace the line ourselves! UGHHHHHHHHHH.  Even I was out digging starting Tuesday morning….

When on Wednesday I get a phone call from my cousin, Lyndel and she asks, “what have you been up too” {loaded question}, I tell her about all that has transpired.  After we got off the phone my cell chimes letting me know I have a text message… Lyndel… Telling me to stop digging that her husband {a hard working, amazing guy} Jose jose-sm.jpg is going to be at our house tomorrow and he and his building crew will install all NEW sewer line on Friday morning, that they have EVERYTHING in their shop and it will NOT cost us a DIME!  I am not joking… She said Jose wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing we were doing all that digging when he has ALL of the equipment and they do this kind of thing ALL the time.  Jose went even as far as to say it would only take them 4 hours!  WHAT… We were seriously projecting to have this project complete at the end of May or middle of June.  I called Spike at work and said, “God is Good”… told him about my phone conversation with Lyndel, and we rejoiced together.  God used Lyndel and Jose in a MIGHTY way to help our family, and we are so GRATEFUL.  What a BLESSING.  The crew came at 10:30 am on Friday morning with this:


Drove it in the yard and began to work.  roots-sm.jpg  Unearthing pipes this photo shows tree roots that obviously could go straight through PAPER pipes.  I mean look at that, less than a 1/4 of the pipe was empty!  It’s no wonder we could flush at all!  trencher-sm.jpg Here is the trencher after about 10 minutes of digging.

Do you know how that would have took to dig by shovel??  crew-sm.jpg

Here is part of the AMAZING and talented crew, and all of the trenches dug.  I gotta tell ya it was hard to hold back tears, we are so BLESSED.  So this is the story of how a sewer line is one of the BEST gifts I have ever received!  Thank You… Jose {and Lyndel}

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Nest Cupcakes


This was my first attempt to make “nest cupcakes”

The nests turned out perfect~O, my eggs look more like blue bird Peeps, yeah that’s what they are….

I meant to make blue Peeps….

Anyway thanks to this kit I was able to make these for Easter dessert with very little effort!


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Candles Complete

Once again to my local thrift store, I went….  What did I find??  A pile of plastic gold tone candle sconces.  Only $1.00 each!  A few months ago I probably would have walked right on by thinking {eeeew} who would want those, but since the land of blog….


I could just picture them, “shabbied” with white paint and tea stained.  This project took me less than 30 minutes!


After I got them hung on the wall I wanted black candles {couldn’t find them anywhere, of course saw them everywhere in October} I mentioned this to Em and she said “are you going to burn them”? My answer, “no”…. She then suggested I paint some candles black, and that is exactly what I did!  I added them to my shabby corner of the house and I love them!


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Let me first start by apologizing for NO before pictures!  I didn’t even think about it!  I bought the desk and chair at Goodwill for $20.95 it was painted a yellow color, the chair had broken caning, I took it to my Papa and he made a whole new seat!  I spent several days {sneaking in work time when I could} sanded and painted it white, followed by more sanding and then Ralph Lauren Tea Stain. End result a desk and chair I LOVE!  {Still want to find faux glass drawer pulls}


The following month I picked up these empty frames they were a lovely 70’s gold tone, nothing a can of white spray paint couldn’t cure.  Followed by Ralph Lauren Tea Stain.  I then cut cardboard to fit the back and covered it with my favorite toile fabric!  Instant inspiration boards the cost $2.00 a frame…  End result Inspiration that really inspires ME!


Then the jackpot of all jackpots!  My husband, Spike goes to work on Saturday and comes home with a already “shabbied” hutch he found on craigslist…. The cost $30.00!  He called on his drive home and said how bad the traffic was and that he was late getting out of work {all normal things mind you}, so I never thought anything of it…. Turns out that sweet hunk of a man was picking up a hutch {which by the way I never asked for, this is something he saw and thought I would like}… He was RIGHT!  What a guy!  I was thrilled when he got home and said, “hey come give me a hand with something”….. End result…. a VERY HAPPY wife!


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Nest Necklace Pendant

With spring in the air and me being into birds, eggs, and nests, I just had to create…

Here is what I came up with…

Nest Pendant


They are hand made with beading wire and vintage blue beads {eggs}

the approximate size is about 1 1/2 inch.


I have already sold a couple and plan on selling a few more.

The price is:


This is for the PENDANT ONLY

$2.00 s/h

If anyone is interested email me, jennygilley@hotmail.com

and I will send you a PayPal invoice.


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It is with a sad and heavy heart I write, today my beautiful cat Binky had to be put down as she was suffering kidney failure.  Binky would have been 18 years old on June 25th… At almost 18 years old she has lived a full and wonderful life.  She will be greatly missed.  I thought I’d  share a tribute to my Binky and Spike…

On Wed April 18, 2007 my mom took her dog “Auggie” to the vet, her and my dad were going  to Jackson and Sutters Fort for the day (it was their anniversary) and “Auggie” gets mad at them if he has to stay in his kennel.  So he needed some puppy teeth pulled and to be groomed, so she took him to her work for the day to get his “work” done.  They hadn’t seen Binky come in from the garage, but thought she was just hiding, because on Tuesday night my sister brought both of her cats to my parents, Binky doesn’t like house guests…  Anyway they ended up searching for her for three hours, my mom never saw her get out of the garage, and on the few times she has, she runs to the front door and howls (this is because she is an indoor ONLY cat)….  Anyway they were fairly certain she was just mad and hiding in the house, they called me and asked if I would come over and look because they hated to not go out for their anniversary because of a mad cat… Tanner and I searched for an hour and came up with nothing.  I called Wed night thinking she would have come out by then, at least to eat… But no…  Then I thought maybe (given that she will be 17 in June) she hid somewhere and died??  Again I called on Thursday, no Binky….  By then she had missed a day and a half of her medication, she takes thyroid meds and pain med for arthritis…  So I was worried and upset, actually depressed about it, Spike wanted to go look for her and I just couldn’t do it…  So Friday rolls around and rain is supposed to come, my dad is out mowing the lawn and asks his neighbor across the street if she has seen Binky, her grandson says YES she was in their bushes the day before howling!  (they live right across the street)…  SO he calls my mom, she leaves work and they search the neighborhood, bushes, and backyards…. When the neighbors husband comes home my mom talks to him and tells him she has been in their backyard and what his grandson Robert said, he then said well he couldn’t have seen her yesterday because he wasn’t here, he was here on Wed…  Anyway, my dad went and placed an ad and my sister and mom went door to door again (Becky feeling horribly guilty)…So when I called Friday afternoon and heard she was seen and outside on Wed… I lost it, I  mean I can’t even tell you the last time I cried that violently and I say that because I was so upset I was throwing up and it had nothing to do with a flu bug, I was just that upset… Spike came home from work and found me that way in the bathroom, he and Johnny then left and went to look for her, while I was home praying “Dear Lord Puuuuullllllllleeeeeeeeeeaz, you promise to take care of the birds and small creatures, take care of Binky, If anyone can find her it will be Spike, he is my KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR, he has always done exactly as he says, and he said he was going to find her”….  I mean heart wrenching begging prayers…. Spike, Johnny, and my dad searched through bushes and yards for two hours, and found nothing, Spike told Johnny they would come back at 11pm and look in the dark and when it was quieter from street noise to maybe hear her…. In the mean time I guess while they had been looking Johnny said he was praying “God if we don’t find her now, let us find her when we leave to go home”… It was 8:30ish and Spike gets up and tells Johnny, “OK John we are going to go FIND Binky, not look but FIND… Do you know what the difference is?”  Johnny said, “no”, Spike said, “The difference is we will be bringing her home, we will FIND her we aren’t going to just look!”  They get in the car and Spike tells my mom set food and water out on the front porch for her in-case that might lure her back….  They pull out of the driveway, heading towards Longs, driving super slow, about the 4th house in from Longs on the opposite side of the street Spike says, “John what’s that?”  Johnny says, “IT’S BINKY”… Johnny got out of the car goes into the driveway where she is walking around the tire of a parked car, he calls her name, she stops lets him pick her up, and Spike turns the car around, pulls into my parents driveway rolls down the window, and asks my mom “Are you looking for this?” as he holds her up.  He calls me and says, “DONE” and my mom grabs the cell phone SCREAMING and says “he did it, he found her, he is a knight in shining armor” (my exact words to the Lord)… He told me for like two seconds he thought about driving her to me, but then decided he didn’t want to stress or traumatize her any further, so he went to my parents… He came and picked me up and took to my “bones” (her nickname) and I held that cat for 10 minutes (it felt like hours)  crying while she purred and purred….. Offering such Thanksgiving to the Lord, honestly I could handle her passing away and finding her, far better than the thought of her suffering, lost, confused, and in pain….  That’s the story…. I have officially told my husband, he is no longer “Spike” to me, he is my “Knight”  That man has given me more than life can offer (I am not just talking about my cat) he is my EVERYTHING and constantly does something to prove that point, as if I needed reminding!

So that is last years Binky story, sadly almost a year later her little body had, had enough.  I will always LOVE my “Bonesie Girl”!

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