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I will first start with the before photos, and no I was NOT having a garage sale… Anyone who knows me has seen my over stuffed unorganized garage!  This has been a dreaded task for at least 2 years, I am not kidding when I tell ya… I have put this baby off…  Well this crisp, cool, sunshine inspired me to get out there… and get BUSY, so Saturday morning at 9:30 I began… I started with emptying the entire contents onto the driveway.

Side View

Front View
Contents Overflow

Now mind you this is in half of a garage since about 3 years ago we converted half of our garage into a game room for the boys.  After emptying the contents I began sorting through EVERY box, this is when I transferred all Christmas into red and green tubs, Halloween into black and orange tubs, fall into taupe tubs, etc.  I also labeled EVERYTHING with my trusty label maker {love this tool}.  During this redo I was making a pile for donation and another for the dump.  Then after SEVEN hours I started loosing day light so I had to haul it ALL back into the garage and vowed that first thing in the morning I would be out there FINISHING it!  That is exactly what I did…. I pulled EVERYTHING back out and continued with my sorting.  Another SEVEN hours, one truck load to the Goodwill, and TWO truckloads to the dump here are my results!



I am VERY pleased to get that monkey off my back!  We even were able to get our extra refrigerator {that was in the game room} out there.  It’s the garage I have always dreamed of!  Emilie and Roxanne I can hear you cheering now {especially since you didn’t have to help}!


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hi, howdy, hello…

Ok, Becky you got me started… Of course Em had to hold my hand and get me up and running.  I am extremely techo challenged.  Em is the techno~queen!  We shall see if I am able to navigate this blog….

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