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Thanksgiving Decor


I will start with one of my favorite pieces… Remember my $2.50 urn, haven’t painted it yet, but I am likin’ this stained cement color with orange berries and my pumpkin.


My mantel, I bought the silver Pilgrim and Indian candle holders last year after Thanksgiving, so it was super fun to unpack them this year!


Here is the awesome glitter Give Thanks banner and Giant acorn from Elise.



Look at that super cute tassel Elise made me, and all those acorns, turkeys, and my faceless Pilgrims.


Little cuties


My favorite old typewriter wth white pumpkins and ANOTHER Elise treasure!


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…. for Elise she was my swap partner for Em’s “mini” Thanksgiving Swap… Elise and I both decided that we didn’t like “mini” in fact… to quote Elise, “go big or go home”…. that being said… here is the “mini” box that arrived on my porch today….

This thing could have held a piece of furniture!

Everything all packaged up…

Couple different angles of this BEAUTY… how LUCKY am I…..

Look she makes tassels… I LOVE tassels!

Giant SILVER acorn {LOVE acorns!}

a HUGE chalkboard! {did I mention I LOVE acorns}?

Glitter GIVE THANKS banner…

ACORN salt and Pepper shakers, TURKEY towel with cookie cutter, TURKEY note pad, ACORN mug… and CUTE tag!!


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Pumpkin Patch

Today was a FUN day at the Pumpkin Patch… 

This little charmer chose the first pumpkin for me! 

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I finally got a start on the Fall Decor…. Hooray… It really does make me HAPPY.  I will show you a few pictures of the porch and entry, that is as far as I have got…

Just added these two photos, as Tina mentioned you couldn’t see my wire pumpkin candle holders that border the flower bed….

I LOVE this cement planter, however every living plant dies, the cement gets too hot, I have had FAKE ivy {I know bad, bad} in there, I pulled it out, added Spanish moss, pumpkins and Mr.Crow…

Berry garland wreath that used to be blue and yellow {not my decor} so I spray painted it ORANGE and LOVE it against the black… Oh look there is Mrs. Crow.

Just look at these FUN fall TAGS!

See my 99 Cent Store Trick or Treat glitter sign… It came with really boring white string for hanging, I got rid of that, for this cute black and white polka dotted ribbon!

I have this vase of sticks at my entry year round, I just added some orange wispy stuff {I don’t know what it’s called} and a fall bird with ACORNS in her nest…  I painted one of our old grates from the old air conditioning system in a greeny/yellowy shade… and I’m likin’ it…

So that concludes the entry protion of our home… I will continue on to the “Pumpkin Patch” I have 2 yes {TWO} tubs filled with nothing but PUMPKINS… stay tuned!

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Without realizing it, I started a collection… I just think Hooty Hoots are too CUTE…. I am referring to my owls….

It started with this… My owl necklace from Emilie last November

Found these colorful bookends a GW in February

More GW bookends

Cute owl trivet that was rusty.. nothing a little spray paint didn’t cure… I think I had one just like this growing up?

Another Em gift just last week… 

and the Hoot to love all Hoots….

Dolce or as like to call her WhooooD, yep she is going to be an owl for Halloween!

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It’s my Blogiversary!!


I have been blogging for ONE year…. I thought I’d look back and reflect… 

One of my {now I can say “funny”} posts I just hate those Moody  Moments

A fun {even though there was only TWO of us} year long swap  if you will.  Just might have to continue for 2009?

A HUGE makeover It’s still pretty clean too, although it could use a bit pf sprucing up.

My BUSIEST day of looky loo’s with 651 views… WOW thanks Tracey

Most viewed tutorial

Favorite Fall treat

I can now say I am addicted to BLOGGING, and it’s a GREAT thing!  I look at things so differently, my family all tease when I get out the camera “are you going to blog about this”… ?  But of course! 😉

Now, I am going to give you a gift {if your lucky number is drawn} I timed my give~away poorly, so I figure why not pick 2 winners, leave a comment on this Blogiversary post and I will random generate another # on Monday morning, for one of my pumpkins.

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I joined Tangee’s fall swap and was SUPER excited…. I have been making and buying all sorts of FUN things!  Then the best part… Tangee was my swap partner!  I mean come on have you seen this girls fun stuff??  YIPEE…  No wait this is the best part… My package arrived today!  OH JOY… I LOVE happy mail and swapping!  

Look at that packaging!  Everything was wrapped and had Halloween ribbon tied to it….  A BIRDS nest and even better a GREEN bird, I am in LOVE, Tangee’s SUPER cute BOO blocks {these are giant compared to the ones I made}, a tassel, a BEAUTIFUL bracelet I am pretty sure Tangee made {have you seen her Esty shop}?  Cute coffee mug, FULL apron {you all know how I LOVE a FULL apron, I always splatter my shirts} with as many years as I have hosted Thanksgiving one would think I would own a FALL apron… NOPE that is until TODAY!  Last but not least my glitter cat beware decoration… {Looks just like my Armani boy}.  Thank you Tangee…. I hope you host another swap…. I am so IN!

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